Promotional Offer

Feb 21

Promotional Offer

Big Product Bash (BPB)

This is a save and win package that runs for six (6) months having three categories listed below.


Product A – Save #2000 daily

Product B – Save #1000 daily

Product C – Save #500 daily

this qualifies you for winning fabulous products.


Governing Rules of Big Product Bash

  1. Registration fee – #500 for form & ID
  2. BPB account is non-transferable and withdrawal is impossible before the day of raffle draw.
  3. In event of withdrawal, the client shall give us one week notice consequent upon which such client is automatically disqualified fro participation in the raffle draw. NB: 10% of the available balance (after 3 months) shall be charged to the account.
  4. Upon registrationĀ an immediate commitment of at least, one day contribution amount is compulsory without which such registration is invalid.
  5. The client will be disqualified from the raffle draw if he/she is unable to meet up with at least three months daily contribution.

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  1. those saving monthly what is the percentage amount return on saving? will some one saving 5000 per month have thesame percentage return as someone who saves 20000 per month for a period of one year?

    1. Hello, Peace thanks for your comments. To answer all your questions, I would start by saying the saving promotion is open to all. Its in two categories: (1) You can decide to save for 6 months and qualifier for different arrays of products with your savings back at end. OR (2) You can decide saving in multiples of 6 months i.e 6 months at 10%, 12 months at 20% etc. Call for further inquires. Cheer.

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