Welcome to OminiEgo Global Investment Limited (OGIL), the better by far provider of microfinance services and investment opportunities. Progress with us as we journey together from THEORY to PRACTICE by experiencing the benefit of unlimited profit potential; diversified investment opportunities and developing prosperity mentality and financial intelligence through our team of experts and God fearing professionals. Once again you are welcome to a journey of financial empowerment through the OminiEgo Team.



About Us

OminiEgo Global Investment Limited is a financial investment company saddled with the responsibility of reaching the Low and High income households through provisional access to responsive financial services as well as giving credence to clients’ satisfaction by providing rewardable investment opportunities with optimised results.
On the 9th of May, 2018 OminiEgo Global investment Company commenced business as OminiEgo Investment Multi-purpose Cooperative Society Limited with registration number – 39274 under section 5(i) of the Nigeria Cooperative Societies Act, 2004. OminiEgo went further to be incorporated with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) with registration number RC 1521817 on the 30th of August, 2018.
At OminiEgo, we embrace the challenge of serving the Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) with innovative financial products that meet their needs and also improving the lives of our investors and the underprivileged through our spectacular investment services that create opportunity for all. Our clients gain social empowerment and self-worth through the utilization of our loan portfolio for the benefit of their businesses and family life, but also ensuring prompt repayment of such loans with appropriate interest.


Our Vision

  • To be a household name in financial services and investment opportunities.


Our Mission

  • Enhancing wealth creation through optimized empowerment.


Our Core Values

  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Professionalism
  • Poverty Alleviation
  • Financial Empowerment
  • Integrity


We have shown remarkable traits of Trust, Integrity and Innovation in our line of business and we believe our customers can attest to the fact that we pride ourselves with the following:


You can trust us with your funds at OminiEgo. We have put in place all arrangements to ensure that all investments and savings made to OminiEgo are protected and accountable for, and available to our clients at the time required.


With the assistance of technology, our loan procedures are stress free, faster and better when all criteria are certified by our clients.


With our group of dedicated and God fearing professionals, who place TRUST as watch word. We have built a system that makes all our brands and services unique and stand out in real time.


At OminiEgo, we open to serve you at all times (24/7) as business has no time boundaries.



  • Cashback and Investment Managers
  • Loan and Portfolio Managers
  • Property Consultancy
  • Education Support
  • Agribusiness and Haulage
  • Forex and Leasing




At OminiEgo Global Investment Limited (OGIL), we have developed tailored made financial products to support all our clients with amazing returns.


We encourage the culture of savings, be it daily, weekly or monthly, for our clients which is fundamental for future investment leading to achievement of dreams and financial freedom.


  • Education Support

Education is the best legacy for any people; OminiEdu comes handy to help parents plan their Wards/Children school fees seamlessly from Basic education to Tertiary education.


  • Cashback and Investment Management

Our investment packages come in ways that our experts are efficient at without your close supervision. This is called passive income – that is not trading your time for money. At OminiEgo, your money works for you.


  • Loans

At OminiEgo, we believe in the expansion and productivity of our clients businesses. That is why through our various loan products, we give out funds at reasonable terms and conditions to support serious business owners and entrepreneurs.


  • Cooperatives

With the principle of team work and revolving funds, what is not attainable as a single entity is achieved as a group through group fund contribution and community trade support.


  • Real Estate

In the area of real estate development, with our team of professionals, we engage in the purchase, selling and development of landed properties.